Mage Sight

Mage sight is the ability to see magic.

Mage sight at lower levels allows the user to determine if another person is a mage or not, and to see their own spells laid out. This is particularly useful for Enchantment. At higher levels, mage sight allows the user to determine which types of magic another mage has, and allows them to see any existing spells or enchantments.

A few notes about mage sight – all living creatures have a spark of magic in them, as life itself is magical. In mage sight, a normal person will have a slight internal glow and a mage will glow brighter (with brightness reflecting their strength). Certain areas of the world that are more magically active (like The Wild Lands) will appear to have magic existing free in the air as a sort of background count.

Mage sight is complimentary to Enchantment, and Manipulation, and may be complimentary in specific cases to Foresight.

Mage Sight

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