Magic is inherent to the world of Tygris; magic is the very framework of life. All living beings have at least a spark of magic within them, that which makes them alive. Certain people and beings possess more than this drop of magic, and they are the mages.

Mage-power exists in two forms, called schools: conventional magic and craft magic. Being a mage does seem to run in families, but the talents of the children may differ from the parents, and it is certainly not unheard of for a mage to be born of two ordinary parents.

There are, very rarely, people and creatures which are born with an odd immunity to magic – they have the spark of life, but active magic does not work on them.

For purposes of this game, all player characters are assumed to have the ability to study and learn conventional magic, unless they are a craft mage or are immune to magic.


Tygris Faye