Magical Artifacts

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Magical artifacts are any weapon, tool, or other object which are enchanted or magically enhanced. Artifacts may be found, bought, or created. There are several different types of artifacts, divided by how they function.

Types of Artifacts
Passive Artifacts

A passive artifact is one which does not actively assist the user. Passive artifacts are often created with Alchemy, and are made to be tougher, stronger, or lighter than normal. Passive artifacts are the most common type. Examples of passive artifacts are lightweight armor or statuary.

Command Artifacts

A command artifact is one which is activated temporarily for use and deactivated after. Command artifacts must be at least slightly enchanted. These artifacts may be bound to a specific user, though such bindings come with a minor risk to the bearer. Command artifacts are fairly common. Examples of command artifacts are shield bracers or power storage crystals.

Active Artifacts

An active artifact is always functioning. Creating them requires a great deal of power, and often some sort of re-chargeable power-source. Active artifacts are always enchanted. Active artifacts may be bound to a specific user, but again, this carries a risk for the bearer. Active artifacts are uncommon. Examples would include magical swords designed to fight for the bearer.

Artifacts and Character Stats

An artifact may raise (or, in some cases, lower) your character’s stats. The rules for this are a bit flexible at the moment, but roughly:

  • Passive Artifacts do not alter stats, though they may make some tasks easier.
  • Command Artifacts may alter stats in some cases, ie. a power storage device will temporarily boost the bearer’s skill in a specific skill. However, a shield bracer will not alter skills; it is merely providing a temporary effect.
  • Active Artifacts may alter stats in some cases, as with Command Artifacts.

Generally, stats bonuses will be no more than one or two points.

Magical Artifacts

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