Milan is in the middle of the Northern Continent, and is bordered to the north-west by Der’she, to the north and north-east by The Wild Lands, and to the south by Chula. Milan is a relatively small nation, covered by plains with small, sparse forested areas. There is also a small, localized mountain range surrounding a crater.

Milan has one major school divided into two campuses; the Royal Academy of Milan in Mountain’s Base City, and the Naval Academy in West Port.

Brief History

Milan was founded by people who had left or had been exiled from other countries. They banded together to create a place where all could live in safety and security, and constructed a massive wall along the northern border. Since it’s founding, Milan has been a very strong military power, and has never yet lost a war. Milan has fought against both Der’she and Dara over territory disputes, but not in the past hundred years. Milan also fought a particularly odd war against The Corsil Empire over two hundred years ago, when the Empire tried to expand into The Wild Lands. For reasons explained to no one, Milan marched its army out into The Wild Lands, fought The Corsil Empire back into their own borders, and then turned around and left. For this very imposing military record, Milan is sometimes called to act as a neutral third party in disputes.

Recent Events

It is known that during the Necromancer War, Milan sent some forces out; their cavalry to the north, and the army and navy west to Lethu. Exactly how they became involved in these events is unclear, but it does appear that they took some casualties, particularly to their army. Their cavalry also passed through Der’she on their way north, which has caused some tension between the countries.

Customs and Traditions

All noble families in Milan are required to send all of their children into service, preferably in a branch of the military, though the civil services are also acceptable. In fact, most Milani citizens serve in the military for at least part of their life.

There is a strong naming convention in Milan, where in each generation of a family, the first-born is given the surname ‘va’, and all following children the surname ‘ta’. The ‘va’ surname indicates that person’s status as the next head of the family.

Milan is always ruled by a queen. It is strongly believed that the ruler must be a pure-blooded and true descendant of the first queen, and since only the mother of a child is definitively known, the tradition has held. Queens may choose as many consorts, both male and female, as they wish.

  • Capital – Mountain’s Base City
  • Ruled by – Queen Lysha va Milan, Consort Kira ta Besul, Second Consort Valedan ta Carin
  • Royal Colors – Silver and Gold
  • Royal symbol – A tower surrounded by a dragon and a phoenix

Noble Families

Military Structure

  • Army – Dragon General Renar ta Andev, Claw General John va Fa’lorn, Claw General Conrad ta Carin
  • Calvary – Fang General Jaros ta Milan
  • Messengers – Scale General Stephanie ta Armic
  • Mage Corps – Phoenix General Liliana va V’slara, Wing General Orvan Nellos (va), Wing General Bellos ta Lemic
  • Navy – Commandant Amarra va Besul (Flagship Ironclaw), Admiral Luke ta Terim (Flagship Fist)

Population Break-down:


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