The Muklu family is the ruling family of Aquirra, the realm of the Sea People. The realm, and the family, was founded by Risioth Muklu. The family lives mostly in Atlica, the capital city of Aquirra, spread amongst the palace and a number of other holdings. The family is quite large, with many branches, but thus far, the line of succession has passed peacefully through the eldest children.

The Muklu family is primarily Sea People, though those members who are very distantly removed from the throne have partnered with Lek’re as well. The Muklu family is in the Epela tribe, but due to it’s large size and frequent marriages between other noble families, the Muklu family does not always follow the physical traits of that tribe, and often shows traces of Archipela and Pelagila as well. The immediate noble family – the king, queen, and royal children – often use the banner of Aquirra as their symbol, while the rest of the Muklu family uses their traditional symbol: a swordfish.

Members of the Family:

  • King Phenol Muklu
  • Queen Amria
  • Prince Heir Shaven
  • Princess Dashira
  • Prince Cerash
  • Prince Takri
  • Princess Irkat
  • Prince Jirah Muklu (brother to Phenol)
  • Prince Eowar Muklu (brother to Phenol)
  • Duchess Ketavi Brightblade
  • Lady Xoco Muklu
  • Lord Sorgassa Muklu (Captain of The Serpent’s Tooth. See The Pirate Coalition)
  • Princess Jesiva Muklu (sister to Phenol)


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