Naahmu is a large island nation off the north-east coast of the Northern Continent. Naahmu is bordered to the south-west by The Corsil Empire. Naahmu is primarily tundra, with a few small coniferous forests. During the winter, the country is completely locked in by ice.

Brief History

Naahmu is remote and lacking in both arable land and natural resources other than fish, and has therefore been spared from any significant wars. There was a very minor attempt by The Corsil Empire to acquire the island, which was easily turned back when the water began to ice up.

Customs and Traditions

The people of Naahmu live in small tribes, and are mostly nomadic hunter-gatherers. There are three “cities” on Naahmu; Tuk’ani, Kapu, and Ahanami. Tuk’ani and Ahanami are on the coast, and are populated year-round: in the summer by people who are too young, too old, or too injured to successfully hunt or fish; and in the winter by most of the island’s population, save a few young hunters. During the spring, when the ground has begun to thaw, most of the island moves to Kapu, on the shores of an inland lake, where the yearly war is held.

In order to prevent disputes from cropping up during the deadly winter months, the tribes agree to hold all arguments until spring. They meet at Kapu to discuss terms and form alliances. After a week of council, two sides are formed, and the tribes hold a battle to settle all disputes for the year. Since this battle is mostly intended to let off steam and prevent warfare between tribes, it is meant to be as bloodless as possible – blows should be to stun or knock-out where possible. Of course, some people always die in accidents.

Naahmu has an unusual tradition of magic; they do not have mages, but shamans, each with a spirit-totem who guides them and aids them in magical endeavors. Naahmu also has it’s own unique pantheon of gods.

Population Break-down:


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