Naming Conventions

As with the real world, different names and naming conventions are used in different countries. This a rough list of which real-world countries or ethnicity correspond to Tygris countries, as well as a few examples of naming conventions.

Of course, this is really only a guideline, and I encourage people to use whatever name suits their character best.

Northern Continent

The northern continent is basically Eurasia, with hints of North America.

  • British or Celtic names would be appropriate for Lethu, Dara, Der’she, or Milan
  • Spanish, Italian, and French names would be appropriate for Dara, Der’she, and Milan
  • Germanic names would be appropriate for Lethu or Milan
  • Russian, Scottish, or Norwegan names would be appropriate for northern Lethu or northern Corsil Empire
  • Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, and Mongolian names would be appropriate for the Corsil Empire
  • Native American or Inuit names would be appropriate for Naahmu
Other notes:
  • Milani people use a surname; va for the first-born, ta for the second born. For example: Atarni va Halcyon.
  • Many people in the Corsil Empire put their family name first.

Southern Continent

  • Sub-Saharan African names would be appropriate for Nelakii and Echroy
  • Tribal South American names would be appropriate for the jungles of Nelakii
  • Polynesian names would be appropriate for Echroy
  • North African, Egyptian, and Arabic names would be appropriate for Sa’nar
Other notes:
  • Most people of the southern continent identify themselves by reciting a list of family members or tribesmen as well as their name.
  • In Sa’nar; follow Arabic naming conventions: “ibn” for “son-of”, “bint” for “daughter-of”, and “al-tribe” for “member of tribe”.

Descriptive Conventions

Given the time-period in which the game is set, many people would be named for their occupation, their parentage, or their appearance or demeanor. For example, a line of smiths would probably have the last name “Smith”; millers would be named “Miller”, or the son of a miller “Millerson”. Many Changers, Wing People, and Lek’re are named in part for their appearance; for example, “Swiftwing” or “Darkclaw”. This is not unheard of for Were, though they are typically not given such names at birth. Sea People often have last names relating to water or oceanic creatures, though they also have a complex system of tribes and families.

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Naming Conventions

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