Nelakii is the western-most country on the Southern Continent. Nelakii is bordered to the east by Echroy, and to the south by Sa’Nar.

Nelakii is a very large country, covered by open savanna in the north and east, and thick jungles in the west. It is a land of abundant game and rich farmland, though the population is relatively small, and those people who do not live in the cities often travel great distances.

Customs and Traditions

The people of Nelakii can be both aloof and friendly; fierce and gentle. The many tribes do not always get along, and tribal warfare is not uncommon, though outsiders are generally ignored in these conflicts. The tribes do agree on some things, and watch their neighbor Echroy carefully.

When the people of Nelakii meet each other, they have an elaborate ritual in which both parties relate the conditions of their travel. If two tribes meet, the resulting exchange is so detailed it is often chanted or sung. Singing and dancing are very important to the people of Nelakii, and each tribe has a distinct style.

The people of Nelakii worship the gods Q’warri and Lwe, though many also believe in Rhamut and Hokat. Many of the people of Nelakii, especially followers of Lwe, follow a very specific warrior’s code.

Population Break-down:


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