Planes of Existence

The Physical Plane

The physical plane is the world and everything on it; people, cities, oceans, ect. Beings from other planes may affect the physical plane, and vice-versa.

The Realm of the Gods

The plane where the gods dwell. Typically considered the be above the earth, though this is not necessarily true. Almost nothing is known about this place. Sometimes referred to as “heaven” or “the heavens”.

The Realm of the Dead

A plane which houses the souls of those who are dead. It is believed that most of the dead end up here, though a few may instead become stars, or else may be cast into the hells.

The Elemental Plane

A place where elementals exist freely. It is believed to be ordered into divisions.

The Hells

The realm of demons. Typically regarded as being below the earth, though this is not necessarily true. People who sell their souls or worship demons are believed to end up here.

Planes of Existence

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