The religious structure of the Tygris world is comparable to the Greek or Roman tradition; an individual may believe that all the gods exist, but worships and expects patronage from one or two gods in particular. While almost all members of any given species worship their patron deity or deities, it is not uncommon for them to also pray to one or more little gods, and it is likely they will believe in other gods, even if they do not worship them.

For example, a Lek’re will usually believe in and worship Usri, and if that Lek’re is also a sailor, they probably worship Soran as well; and though they would not worship him, they would likely believe in Domik.

While the worship of gods is the most main-stream, there are small areas which have additional religious beliefs; such as ancestor worship or worship of the elemental beings. These beliefs are often localized, and are frequently referred to as heresy by outsiders.

Despite the many differences, there are some motifs which are common to almost all branches of religion. For example, the belief that the hells and the realm of the gods are separate plans of existence. Some things, despite differences in dogma, end up sounding very similar; for example, whether the priests say the dead go to the realm of the gods or to their own separate realm, people whom have had near-death experiences of all religions speak of seeing a gateway shrouded in mist, at which is a marker warning that to pass the gates will bring eternal rest. Also, there is a common belief in the circular nature of the world, as expressed through the balance of elemental forces, through the turning of the seasons, and even in the repetition of history. This appears in many religious branches in references to “the circle”. Versions of this phrase appear even in some texts from the Silver Age.

  • Archaic – Before light was darkness, before darkness, light. The seasons pass, lives grow, die, and are born again. The Circle turns all.
  • Present – The Circle turns; spring follows winter, harvest follows famine, and the Circle turns.
  • Sea People Variant – The Circle turns; storm leads to calm, ebb leads to flow, and the Circle turns.

Some people believe that the circle refers to reincarnation, though the only strong evidence for reincarnation is with familars.

As to the actual creation of the world, there is a fairly standard Creation Story, though it does not account for the younger species. The Humans generally maintain a second story, featuring their own gods.


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