Royal Academy of Milan

The Royal Academy of Milan has two separate campuses; the main campus is located in the capital, Mountain’s Base City, and the secondary campus is located in West Port, and is occasionally referred to as the Milani Naval Academy.

The main campus is the larger of the two, and has dedicated buildings in the lower and middle city areas. It includes lecture halls, mage-training areas, laboratories, a full library, and yards for self-defense and weapons-training practices.

The Naval Academy is located along the water’s edge and boasts lecture halls, a small library, mage-training areas, practice yards, and also owns three ships and several smaller boats for training purposes.

Any citizen of Milan who is entering the civil services will attend the academy, as will most children of the Milani nobility. Most mages attend the academy for a period of time, though entrants to the mage corps will receive further training at other locations. It is also open to those who achieve officer status in the army, cavalry, or messenger-corps. Most members of the navy will attend the Naval Academy.

It is notable that the Royal Academy is dedicated in large part to maintaining the bureaucratic and military branches of Milani society; the programs are very focused, and what research is done is generally directed towards practical, applicable uses. This may be why it is less linked to the Scholar’s Society than other major schools.

It is somewhat unusual for citizens of other countries to attend the Royal Academy.

Royal Academy of Milan

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