Sa’Nar is the southern-most country on the Southern Continent, and is bordered to the north-west by Nelakii and to the north-east by Echroy. Sa’Nar is probably the largest existing country in the world, though few would travel to see it.

Sa’Nar is a desert nation with all permanent settlements set near oasis. It does have some open plains and forests near the coasts, but it is poor farmland.

The capital city Sands-Haven is home to The Palace of Wisdom; a massive library and school.

Customs and Traditions

The unforgiving climate of Sa’Nar has bred a hardy and stubborn people; they do not trust easily, they do not die quietly, and they never, ever, forgive. Thankfully, there is enough animosity against Echroy to prevent the tribes from fighting each other much. Despite this harshness, the people of Sa’Nar are very fond of festivals and games – races are common, there are four major festivals every year, and it is the home of a particularly bloody ball-game.

Almost everyone in Sa’Nar worships Hokat and Rhamut. The worship of Q’warri and Lwe is also common, as is the adherence to a warrior’s code.

Family identity is very important in Sa’Nar, and the full name of a person will indicate their personal name, their father’s (or mother’s) name, and their tribe of origin, at minimum. However, members of the priesthood remove their paternal and tribal names and instead use the name of the god they serve as a symbol that they belong to the gods. (For example; Abu ibn Warri al-Bakir would become Abu al-Rhamut.)

Population Break-down:


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