Sea People

The Sea People are an aquatic race, living primarily in or near the ocean, though there are a few small populations living in fresh water. Sea People have gills, webbed hands, and flattened, webbed feet. Many also have fins on their arms or heads, in place of hair. They may have faint, fish-like scales, and are often oddly-colored; skins tinted blue, green, or black, often with a lighter belly than back. Some Sea People have finned tails as well.

In most countries of the world, Sea People populations are small, and limited to the immediate coastline, due to their need to be in water for at least part of the day. The majority of all Sea People live in isolated colonies on or near island chains. Together, these colonies form Aquirra.

The Sea People have several different racial types, which they divide into tribes: Mangala, Ripala, Epela, Pelagila, and Archipela.

Species Examples:


Female noble, Epela tribe, from Aquirra


Male priest, Pelagila tribe, from Aquirra

Line-work courtesy of Evelyn

Sea People

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