Shayna is the goddess of the Changers.

According to mythology, Shayna is the daughter of Usri and Juma. She was a goddess of the woods before she created the Changers. Shayna has a long-standing grudge with her half-brother, Domik. Shayna watches over The Changer Lands.

Shayna is worshiped exclusively by Changers.

Depictions of Shayna show her as a tall changer woman with blond-white hair and silver eyes. She is a shape-changer, and is also depicted as a white tigress, a white falcon, or a white doe.

Stories about Shayna

Creation of Shayna and the Changers

In the days of great old kingdoms, when the Lek’re ruled the land, they came to take the resources of the world for granted. They took without thought, leveling forests and hunting beyond their needs. Usri and Juma saw this, and knew sadness, for the land and its creatures were their creations, but so too were the Lek’re, and they could not defend the one from the other. They sought comfort from each other, and from this joining a new goddess was born. She was conceived of need and sorrow, and thus she was born fierce and changeable; a goddess of the forests and all it’s beasts, guardian of hunter and hunted alike. Her name was Shayna, and she was known for her passions. She protected the forests and beasts from abuse, and those who lived in peace with the world came to call her their protector.

It is said that Shayna saw the creations of her godly parents and sibling, Aghelo, and chose to create a people of her own. She took some of those who worshiped her, both Lek’re and beast, and she gifted them with a new form – they would resemble humans, but they could also take the form of an animal. Thus they could hide in plain sight and live between the city and the forest. And so the Changers came to be, and the circle turned.

The Creation of the Changer Lands

During the time of chaos following the Great War, all the peoples of the world lived in fear and peril. The Changers had some small advantage in their ability to change forms, and so could flee from danger or fight back against fearful beasts. However, a dark magic had come upon the world in the form of a curse; the perversion created by Domik, the lord of the Were. His creations, willing or not, sought out the Changers and began to hunt them down. Strong and fleet Shayna’s children were, but they could not match the unnatural savagery of the Were, and they were scattered.

Shayna saw the plight of her children, and sought to help them. She did battle with Domik, and they fought until the skies were streaked with red; but still the Changers could not recover. Shayna saw that they needed a safe haven, a place free from the Were, free from all other peoples, where her children could grow strong again. And so, from the earth she molded a cradle of land, and surrounded it with mountains that touched the sky. A single pass was created in those mountains, and at it’s mouth, she placed a labyrinth, a maze that only a Changer could navigate. She reached out to her people, calling to them through dreams and visions, and giving words to her clerics, telling them, “Come, this shall be your land, here you will be safe.” And the Changers heard the call, and they came, filling the land, building farms and towns, and praising their goddess. Shayna then made a shield around the whole of the land so that she could protect it from evil, and thus it has remained.


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