Soran is the god of ships and sailors. Some myths indicate that he is the son of Kisui and Fushar. It is said that Soran can intercede for sailors to save them from storms. He is said to be a moody and difficult god; an image which appeals to the sailors and pirates who worship him.

Soran is depicted as either a Human or a Sea Person; often with dark hair and weathered features.

Stories about Soran

The Creation of Soran (Sea People Variation)

When the earliest peoples began to travel the shallow seas, the waters were wild and difficult to traverse, even for the Sea People. Those who went with only what they could carry might travel in safety, but those with cargo were at the mercy of tides and currents, and many were killed in storms and high seas. These first sailors cried out to gentle Kisui and mighty Fushar for aid and safety, and the gods heard their pleas. Kisui was moved by the plight of both her children and those Lek’re who dared the ocean, and even the stoic Fushar saw that those who cried out were warriors of a sort; battling against wind and wave. And so the two came together as mates, and from their joining a new god was born. He was born of the cresting waves and the prayers of sailors, and thus he was given dominion over ships and sailors. His name was Soran, and to those who traveled the oceans he granted luck and knowledge. Thus the tides flowed, and the circle turned.


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