Summoning is the power to call objects, animals, or elementals to the user.

Summoning is directly affected by the other magics possessed by the user. For example, with no other magic, summoning can only affect objects within sight of the user. With Enchantment, it can effect any object or creature with a small recognition enchantment on it. With Elemental Magic, it can call forth elementals themselves. Summoning is also affected by the knowledge of the mage, as in the case of summoning demons.

At lower levels, summoning can pull small objects, or small elementals, to the user. At higher levels, it can pull larger objects or creatures, and large elementals to the user.

Summoning Levels for Elementals

  • Small elementals – 1 to 3
  • Medium elementals – 4 to 6
  • Large elementals – 7 to 10
  • Lesser guardian elementals/small to medium combined elementals – 11 to 14
  • Greater guardian elementals/large combined elementals – 14 to 18
  • Combined elemental guardians – 19 and up

List of Guardian Elemental Types

  • Fire: Lesser – Fire Rat; Greater – Fire Lion
  • Earth: Lesser – Earth Hedgehog; Greater – Earth Bear
  • Water: Lesser – Water Carp; Greater – Water Otter
  • Air: Lesser – Wind Finch; Greater – Wind Eagle
  • Lightning: Lightning Cobra
  • Plant: Giant Venus Flytrap
  • Ice: Ice Wolf
  • Light: Sun Fox
  • Darkness: Shadow Lynx
  • Lava: Lava Slug
  • Storm: Storm Horse
  • Mud: Mud Ox
  • Ash: Ash Owl

Notes – For purposes of summoning, the guardian elementals for the sub-elements, as well as light and darkness, are considered to be lesser guardian elementals.

Summoning is complimentary to Alchemy, Elemental Magic, Enchantment, and Necromancy.


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