The Changer Lands

The Changer Lands are located north of The Wild Lands. This country is a refuge for Changers, and is protected from all others. The entrance is guarded by a maze which is impassible to anyone but a Changer, and the country is surrounded by tall mountains. Very few outsiders are even aware of the existence of the Changer Lands.

The Changer Lands are about half forest and half open plains, with a large lake near the center. They have ample farmland and hunting grounds to maintain their population, and have five small cities; Maze, Faith, Dream, Strength, and Hope. Hope, the capital, is located on an island in the lake.

Brief History

The Changer Lands were founded during the Dark Years, when the clerics of Shayna called out to the Changers to band together and live apart from the other races. The country is almost completely isolated, but thrives. Most of its people are insular, and have never been beyond the maze. However, the ruling bodies maintain a degree of contact and subtle influence on the outside world.

Customs and Traditions

The Changer Lands are the only place where the existence of Shayna’s Blades is not a closely kept secret; the Blades are the primary military force of the Changer Lands, and are regarded with respect and kindness.

Most Changers native to the Changer Lands regard the other races with varying degrees of suspicion. Generally, the Wing People and Sea People are considered decent sorts, the Lek’re would be alright if they weren’t so arrogant, the Humans are irritating, destructive and stupid, and the Were are evil incarnate.

The worship of Shayna is universal in the Changer Lands.

  • Capital – Hope City
  • Ruled by – House of Representatives, High Cleric Council of Shayna
Military Structure Population Break-down

The Changer Lands

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