The Great University of Dara

The Great University of Dara is located in the city of Nika, on the shores of the great lake.

The University is a large complex, easily the largest educational facility in the western portion of the Northern Continent. It includes a full library, dozens of laboratories, training rooms, classrooms, and a full clinic. It is dedicated to the studies of history, maths, literature, mage-power, and sciences, as well as other minor programs.

Recently, the university has been under pressure to produce more weather-mages, as well as a better plan to deal with the threat from Lethu.

Entrance to this university requires either recommendation from a smaller academy, a letter of patronage from a noble of Dara or a graduate in good standing, or, in rare cases, passing a test of admission.

The Oath of Entrance

The Great University has one interesting tradition; that all students must present an “Oath of Entrance” before the faculty heads. This oath is an individual undertaking; there are no pre-written words. It could be likened to a statement of intent, but it goes deeper than that. The general idea is that the faculty want to know what to expect from the student, as well as to ensure some measure of safety – it is common for students to include a statement of loyalty (or at least non-aggression) towards the school, Dara, or the Daran royalty. Given the number of students who attend the university, these oaths are often presented in large groups of students in similar fields of study.

The Great University of Dara

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