The Gypsy Tribes

Gypsies are traveling peoples, generally living out of horse-drawn wagons. They evade taxes, lead young men astray, and may be bandits.

While there are many traveling groups of merchants, tradesmen, and performers who might be called gypsies, only a few are actually members of one of the gypsy tribes. Each tribe has a unique symbol and territory, but they share the belief that they exist apart from those people who do not move from place to place.

The Ciganos tribe lives in The Wild Lands, ranging from the borders with Der’she and Milan east to the border with The Corsil Empire. They often spend summer months near the coastline, among the hills, and are a very secretive group. The occasionally trade with outsiders, but rarely invite outsiders to their camps.

The Zingari tribe moves from north-eastern Der’she south into northern Milan and east into The Wild Lands, though generally not past Outlaw’s City. They are known as woodsmen and huntsmen, and often trade in pelts. They are easy to spot by their facial tattoos – all members of the tribe have a green line tattooed out from the edge of their left eye; other tattoos may be added as they age to reflect their skills and deeds.

The Adicani tribe are sea-faring, and move around dramatically. Currently, they are believed to be moving around the coasts of the southern continent, around Nelakii, or maybe as far south as Sa’Nar.

The Romani tribe is extinct; they used to roam across the areas which are now Dara and Der’she, but have all either settled or been killed some time ago.

The Gypsy Tribes

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