The Palace of Wisdom

The Palace of Wisdom is located in Sands-Haven, the capital of Sa’Nar.

It is an elegant structure, with a great dome and six towers, decorated in mosaics and carvings which represent centuries of art and history. The main palace is a massive library, including several reading-rooms and studies, and housing some of the oldest texts in the world. There is also a wing dedicated to housing stone-carved records. The main structure is surrounded by plazas and a carefully-tended garden, and beyond these are two museums, a school dedicated to the teachings of math and science, a hospital, and a temple to Q’warri; all arranged to form the points of a star.

The Palace of Wisdom is carefully guarded by the tribes of Sa’Nar, and though technically, anyone is allowed admittance, anyone who is perceived as a threat is turned back. Exactly what constitutes a threat is somewhat unclear.

The Palace of Wisdom is almost legend amongst northern scholars; it is a very long and dangerous journey from the northern continent.

The Palace of Wisdom

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