The Pirate Coalition

While pirates are usually a law unto themselves, and typically do not form large, organized groups, there is usually at least one larger pirate fleet sailing around, often under the control of a powerful and charismatic leader.

The Pirate Coalition is an alliance of several pirate captains, formed due to a dispute over a small island called Calia. Calia is off the coast of Milan, and has been unused for a long time – it has a small freshwater spring, but the land is harsh, bare of timber, and the soil is poor. The pirates used it as a way-station, and eventually a small settlement appeared on the island. The Milani Navy decided that this was undesirable, and chased the inhabitants off. In response, the Coalition was formed, to fight the Milani Navy and claim what they own.

So far, it’s not going well – the first battle between the pirate fleet and the Milani Navy was a spectacular win for the Milanis; they destroyed two pirate ships and drove the others off. The pirates scored some hits of their own, and managed to very badly damage one Milani ship.

It is expected that small battles will continue to erupt between the pirates and various official naval forces.

Known Members of the Coalition:
  • Admiral Omar of The Red Dawn – Presumed Dead; his flagship was destroyed in battle
  • Captain Rogers of the Cork
  • Captain Sorgassa of The Serpent’s Tooth – Also called “Captain Gills”
  • Captain Veraldyne of The Sea Dog – Ship sunk in battle

The Pirate Coalition

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