The Scholar's Society

The Scholar’s Society is an elite group of the most educated people in the world. Admittance to the society can be gained either by acquiring a degree from a university, or else by being voted in by the current society leaders. To be voted in usually implies a self-taught individual who has nonetheless made some important discovery.

The Scholar’s Society is made up of both mages and non-mages, and includes historians, archeologists, scientists and inventors.

The society has close ties with the various universities of the world, as well as many smaller schools.

Membership in the society implies that the individual is an expert in their field. Members may use way-houses located in certain major cities and guild-halls located near all universities. Guild halls always include laboratory space, as do most way-houses, and they almost always have at least a small library. The society also manages a few public libraries around the world.

Despite it’s relatively open and harmless face, the Scholar’s Society has some more secretive ties as well. Certain guild halls and way-houses include secret underground laboratories and libraries.

A very well informed individual would know that the Scholar’s Society has close ties to The Silver Pen.

The Scholar's Society

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