The Wild Lands

The Wild Lands extend from Der’she to The Corsil Empire, with Milan to the south-west. North of the middle of the Wild Lands is the entrance to The Changer Lands. The Wild Lands are mostly thick forest, gradating into jungle in the east. There is also a significant swamp near the border with Milan, and a small area of hills and open plains along the south-eastern seacoast.

The Wild Lands are owned by no one, and inhabited by bandits, slavers, Were, and some very unusual animals. There are two “cities” in the Wild Lands; Outlaw’s City and Outlaw’s Hold.

Brief History

The Wild Lands have never been added to an existing country for two reasons. The first is that the Wild Lands are saturated with magic, which has a tendency to twist or alter anything living there for more than a generation. This has led to a profusion of monsters in the area, and threatens the viability and sanity of any settler’s offspring. The second reason is that the most recent attempt to settle the Wild Lands, an army-led expedition by The Corsil Empire, was turned back by Milan. No one knows why, but messing with Milan just isn’t worth the trouble.

Customs and Traditions

Keep your purse hidden and your weapons close.

Don’t attack anything bigger than you.

Sometimes, squirrels are predatory.

Population Break-down

The Wild Lands

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