Usri, also called the Many-Faced God, is one of the oldest gods. He is the patron god of the Lek’re species, and in ancient times was worshiped alongside his wife, Juma as the patron of the Lek’re.

According to mythology, Usri and Juma created the land together and the skies with Kisui and Fushar. They had two godly children, Aghelo and Shayna. When Juma was tricked by the Demon Lord, Usri cast her off.

In recent history, the worship of Usri has extended to all species. Usri is worshiped primarily by Lek’re, but also has a significant following among Humans, Changers, and the Were.

Depictions of Usri often show him with three heads – most commonly a deer, a wolf, and a snake.

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