House V’slara is one of the second families of Milan. House V’slara was added as a noble house over 400 years ago, and has become a pillar of Milani society. The house tends to breed mages, and many members of the family serve in the Mage Corps or in more subtle positions at court.

House V’slara has substantial business interests in Gold Gate City, and their primary family home is there. They also maintain a town house in Mountain’s Base City, and a modest hunting lodge and retreat to the east of Nikali.

The heraldry of the V’slara family is a flaming torch on white.

Members of the Family

  • Captain Torey ta V’slara (Navy, captains Sea Star)

Married into other Families

  • Lydia ta V’slara ([[Fa’lorn | Fa’lorn]])
  • Gail ta V’slara (Carin)
  • Silvia ta V’slara (Lemic)


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