World History

While many of the details of major historical events are scattered, missing, widely disputed, or most commonly a combination of all three, the basic outline of events is clear and almost universally accepted among the educated.


It is generally accepted that the first two races were the Sea People and the Lek’re. Changers, Wing People and Humans arose next; though the exact order is violently debated. It is, however, universally agreed that the Were are the most recent species to arise.

Because Sea People spend so little time on land, most other terrestrial species know almost nothing about their history. This brief history will therefore skip over the Sea People.

Ancient History

Almost nothing is known about the earliest histories of the Sea People, but there are a handful of archeological discoveries of early Lek’re societies. These are mostly evidenced by crude cave paintings and a few skeletons.

It is fair to assume that between the earliest social origins of the Lek’re and the glories of the Old Lek’re Empire there were any number of kingdoms and societies, but any real information about these have been long since lost.

This era was at least 3000 years long, and very likely longer.

The Old Lek’re Empire

The term “Empire” is an unfortunate misnomer; the typical political organization of the time was of allied city-states. This era is also referred to as the “Silver Age” or the “Age of Corruption”, depending on which scholar you ask.

This time period was, by and large, a time of prosperity. Small wars were waged between allied city-states, but peace was the normal state. Magical marvels were created as the powers and understanding of mages reached a pinnacle. In this era, even the lowliest of peasants would have magical artifacts to light their homes or protect their health. Certain magical creations which are rumored to have been possible at this time include portals between cities, air ships, and demons harnessed to provide power. One of the most common surviving creations is a black, stone-like material which was used frequently in road construction, and occasionally for buildings.

The network of city-states covered both continents, and was supposedly highly reliant on trade and good relations with the Sea People.

This era lasted at least 1000 years, perhaps longer.

Some scholars believe that the Wing People, Changers and Humans may have arisen towards the end of this era.

The Great Lek’re War

The actual roots of the Great Lek’re War are something of a mystery. It is clear that some widespread social strife played a role, but there are also indications that some areas may have also been attacked. Popular theories include unrest due to more low-morph Lek’re and/or new species Humans, Changers, and Wing People; war with the Sea People or some unknown third party; widespread rebellions against the presiding leaders; and demon incursion. The speculation is endless, and will probably never be resolved, as most of the records which would shed light on the mystery were destroyed during the war.

The Great Lek’re War was absolutely devastating. The same powerful magics which made the Old Lek’re Empire so prosperous made all-out war between the city-states into a horror unlike anything imaginable. While the war likely started with a few relatively minor and mostly physically-fought skirmishes, by the time it ended, weapons which could rend the earth and burn the air had been both created and used. Even in the modern age, there are monuments to this destruction – towers of stone melted into glassy slag and great holes in the earth. (See The Gorge) Some scholars believe the devastation was so great as to sink or destroy parts of both continents, citing a remaining map fragment in which the northern continent appears almost twice it’s current size; and the presence of sunken ruins off the cost of The Corsil Empire.

The actual length of the Great Lek’re War is impossible to judge; it could have lasted for 100 years, or for a handful of days.

It is widely believed that Wing People, Changers, and Humans arose around the time of the war. Some people also believe that the Were were created around the end of the war.

The Ten Days of Fire

The final days of the Great Lek’re War. Supposedly, fire and ash rained down from the heavens while the earth shook and melted. Cities fell into the sea, or into chasms in the earth. Magics were warped and twisted, creating wastelands. (See The Wild Lands) Any remaining vestiges of the Old Lek’re Empire were destroyed at this time.

There are several surviving accounts of the Ten Days of Fire, and most do, in fact, indicate that it was between 8 and 10 days, varying somewhat upon the location of the writer.

It is widely believed that the Were were created at this time, or immediately after.

The Dark Years

Following the Ten Days of Fire, there were no surviving governments. People lived in fear and hunger, and were plagued with natural disasters and wild beasts. Gradually, new societies began to form, eventually creating kingdoms. Connections with the Sea People and between continents were re-established. This was not a time of peace or prosperity; crops often failed due to poor weather conditions, people were under constant threat from magic-twisted monsters, and the formation of kingdoms was frequently achieved through war and treachery. Additionally, during this time, magic tended to either not function properly, or not at all.

This era lasted for approximately 700 – 800 years.

It is clear that all modern races were present by this era.

The Modern Era

During this period, the more successful kingdoms solidified to form the modern countries, with The Corsil Empire and Sa’Nar being the earliest, and Milan and Chula being the most recent. A few wars between countries have been fought during this era, and magic has become usable again, though it is clearly less powerful than it was during the Old Lek’re Empire. Wild beasts and magically-altered creatures still exist, but in much smaller numbers, and usually only in specific areas.

The scars of ages past still mark the world; there are ruins from the Old Lek’re Empire present in almost every country – in fact, many modern cities are built on such ruins. Areas like The Gorge and The Wild Lands remind the people of today of the past which they have built from.

This era began approximately 1500 years ago.

World History

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