House Yvon is one of the newest houses of Milan. House Yvon earned their title about 100 years ago; the founder served in the Milani Navy, and went on to captain his own merchant vessel. Said vessel came across two other ships being attacked by pirates, and defended them. Upon returning to port, the story spread, and Captain Yvon was granted nobility.

To this day, house Yvon is regarded as being honorable and dedicated to crown and country; and most members of the house serve in the navy.

House Yvon has a large mansion and a few other properties in West Port, as well as small townhouses in Mountain’s Base City and Last Hope Port.

Family Crest: A fox and a wolf rearing over a tower, with a line of feathers and scales along the bottom.

Members of the Family
  • Veneric va Yvon
  • Meliri ta Lemic
  • Samantha va Yvon
Married into Other Families


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