Hello and welcome.

This is a home-brew system set in the world of Tygris; a fantasy parallel of Eurasia and Africa, influenced by many, many, books.

At present I have a handful of local players, and am running multiple campaigns based in this world. My goal is to refine the world and correct a few game-play problems, and perhaps consolidate all future campaigns into a single, cohesive, timeline.

Second Generation
With the completion of the Necromancer War storyline, as well as a few other story-arcs, we are officially moving into the second generation of Tygris. Some changes have been made to the Were, with the intent of making them more playable, and more changes will cop up as time goes on.

And Yet More Notes for Current and New Players

The new character sheet is up: now with more starting skills and actual social skills! I’m still testing it out, but so far, I like the way it runs, so I think we may keep it. The Building Your Own Character page has also been updated; the current list of social stats is up there.

More Notes for Current Players

Made a clarification on the Summoning page about summoning elementals. Hopefully this makes sense and doesn’t just open up more questions. But it probably will. Considering adding a list of modifiers for summoning, but am concerned that this will also be cause for more questions.

… similarly considering a “forbidden magics” page, in which I tell you that there are things you won’t know about as a character unless you a) meet the right people, b) meet the wrong people, c) are breathing air way above your pay-grade, or d) all of the above. But if I make such a page, it sort of spoils the surprise, so maybe not. Let’s just all accept that there are things we don’t know, shall we?

Also, added poetry-fluff to the Elemental Magic page.

Important For New Players

How to Make a Character page is at the bottom of the wiki. You can link to a sample character sheet from there. Have at, go forth, ect.

Notes for Current Players
In an attempt to get things to make sense, I’ve made some changes to the magic system.

Stats Boost and Temperature Control are gone – I decided that if you want to be tougher, you can bloody well either work out, or rig it with Enchantment; and if you want to make it hot or cold, you’d best start taking fire or ice magic. Characters who currently have these two magics will be adjusted.

Binding and Runic Magic are now officially part of Enchantment. If you have either written on your sheet, congrats, those are now points in enchantment. In the case of Runic Magic, you can leave the designation as-is; it’s just a refined format, and good to note anyway.

Demonology is now a modifier for Summoning. In essence, you are using your knowledge of demons to summon them. Keep your points in Demonology, but give yourself summoning at an equal level. Henceforth, you’ll have to level them separately.

I also adjusted the levels for summoning, but it shouldn’t actually effect anyone – no one’s above a 10, anyway.

That should be all for now.