Aldric Quinn

Street Performer, Rogue, Trickster with a Sense of Humor


Character Name: Aldric Quinn
Species: Changer (Eurasian Eagle-Owl)
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Style/Color: Dark brown, almost black with speckles of lighter browns and grays
Skin Color: Pale
Description: 6’ tall, 180 lbs, Well muscled, but not bulky. Aldric keeps his hair fairly short, but allows it to be stylishly unkempt. He has a number of scars along his arms and chest, many of them older and from his days before training in Silat. Aldric likes to have a good time, and tends to be good humored, but when on the job he will assume whatever personality he needs to complete his mission.
Clothing: Since Aldric often uses his illusions to disguise his clothing, he tends to wear well fitted tunics and breeches that won’t cause any interference. He keeps a no-sleeved tunic, a short-sleeved tunic, and a thicker lined long sleeve tunic so that he can be comfortable regardless of climate and illusion.
Class: Conventional Mage
• Main Skill: Force – 4
• Secondary Skill: Illusion – 5
• Tertiary Skill: Enchantment – 4
Additional Skills
• 1 Martial Arts (Silat) – 3
• 2 Larceny – 3
• 3 Survival – 1

Equipment: Enchanted glasses that grant Mage Sight (also enchanted to stay on my face unless I take them off myself, and also enchanted to be sturdier (Aldric usually calls these his “specs”), Enchanted ring that enhances Force Magic, a second ring that boosts his Illusion Magic, enchanted leather armor (enchanted to be more protective and less restrictive), bracers he can charge with extra magic to cast spells without having to exert himself, a deck of enchanted playing cards, each enchanted with different preset illusions(usually keeps specific ones hidden in pockets or up his sleeves for fast retrieval), a non-enchanted deck of cards for street tricks and misdirection. Enchanted gloves and lock-picks. Illusion bracelet, force magic rings, illusion magic naginata. Enchanted leather armor (enchanted with shadow and illusion magic). Temperature magic ring. Enchanted water filter.

Adventure Inventory:
Healing Potions:
50 Basic (smaller wounds)
50 Strong Potions (bigger problems, broken bones)
Lots of Bandages and Wraps

Some gold and jewels
More jewels
Enchanted drills, chisels, pickaxes, etc.
Mildly enchanted sword and armor (stay sharp and intact)
glowing mushrooms


Aldric was orphaned before he could remember. Aldric knows nothing about his family, who they were, or what his real last name is. Aldric grew up in Lethu, but when the Necromancers attacked, he fled through Dara, and settled in Der’she. Once Lethu was reclaimed he was happy to return and see if he could find any of his friends, if they had survived.

Aldric Quinn

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