Elemental earth is one of the four basic elements. Earth is complimentary to Fire and Water, and is opposed to Air. It is symbolic of wisdom, peace, and growth, and is associated with collected thoughts. Earth is considered to be a powerful and steady element. However, earth can also be an impassable force and a fierce guardian.

The element of earth includes soil, rock, and metal, though plants are a separate element.

Earth magic can be used to move the earth or mold and shape rock and metal. At lower levels, earth magic can be used to fortify walls or seek out metals and minerals. At higher levels, earth magic can be used to move the earth in a limited area or shape objects from stone or metal without the use of tools.

Earth elementals tend to be sedate, and sometimes a bit thick, or slow to react. They will typically appear as stones or conglomerates of soil; with the larger, stronger elementals taking a vaguely humanoid shape. The guardian elementals of earth are a hedgehog and a bear; which may appear to be made up of soil, stone, metal, or a combination of the three.

The Sub-element of earth is Plant.


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