Elemental water is one of the four basic elements. Water is complimentary to Earth and Air, and is opposed to Fire. Water is symbolic of cleanliness, persistence, and changeable moods – water can be calm or swift and raging, and often changes without warning.

Water magic can be used to direct or find water. At lower levels, water magic can be used to locate springs, siphon small amounts of water out of the earth, or purify water. At higher levels, water magic can be used to throw waves of water around, or pull large amounts of water out of the earth or other sources.

Water elementals tend to be fractious; curious and friendly one minute, and shy or fierce the next. However, they are typically easy to summon and hold. They will appear as spurts of water; and may take on a vaguely humanoid form as they increase in power. The guardian elementals of water are a carp and an otter.

The sub-element of water is Ice.


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